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  • Financial Resolutions for 2014

    For many Americans the past few years have been financially difficult.  Many experts say the economy is improving, but that doesn’t mean much to the families that are still struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table.  While many are making plans to lose weight, learn something new, or experience life in a new way; many others are searching for new ways to manage their finances in 2014.

    Everyone manages their finances a little differently and it ultimately comes down to finding the best method for you.  Regardless of how it’s done, the best financial resolution that you can make is to live within your means.  Don’t spend more than you bring in.  It may seem unobtainable but it’s the best way to avoid debt and get yourself back on solid financial ground.

    cut credit cardTo help you determine where you stand you have to set a budget and … Read the rest

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  • What do Auto Racers Earn?

    Americans are used to their sports heroes earning multi-million dollar salaries to lead their teams to championships.  While that may be true in baseball, football, basketball and even hockey, most auto racers make a fraction of the money for their sport.  Given that auto racing has a higher risk of not just injury, but actual death, this hardly seems fair.

    fernando alonsoThere are several reasons for the lower salaries in motorsports.  The first is that most sports teams earn revenues from television broadcast contracts with their leagues.  Auto racing is gaining in popularity, but races aren’t getting the huge broadcast contracts of other sports, so each team’s share is significantly less.  Secondly, drops in sponsorships have caused race salaries to fall.  This is due to the one-two punch of banning tobacco sponsors and the 2008 economic collapse.  Fewer available team sponsorships means less money for drivers.

    The sad fact is that … Read the rest

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  • Unintended Consequences of Student Loans

    If there is one aspect of this economy that still needs improvement it’s jobs, and an article published today by the Wall Street Journal confirmed it. Many new college graduates are finished with school, unable to find decent jobs, and struggling to pay back their student loans. It can be hard enough at times to pay your bills and living expenses but the added stress of student loans is causing many young adults to rethink other areas of their lives. For some it means putting off a marriage or a family until they are more financially secure. Others are giving up their hopes of ever being able to step out on their own and achieve their dreams.

    There are a lot of variables to keep in mind when applying for student loans and, fortunately, colleges are beginning to provide the support that students need to wisely fund their educations . … Read the rest

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  • Improve Your Credit Fast

    moneyThings were a lot easier a few years ago for someone who had no credit , because the credit system was starting to no longer matter. If you didn’t have credit, there was an alternative method to get almost anything you wanted. After the housing crash it became a lot harder. Luckily for you, there is still time to repair your credit, and although it will take some time, it doesn’t have to take a lot of effort.

    The first thing you will need to do is make a decision here and now that you are going to pay off all of your debt, starting today. You need to make a plan and write out a budget that will make sure you not only make the minimum payments on your debts, but also make some extra so that they will get paid off. You should not take out any other … Read the rest

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  • Ways to Invest in the Real Estate Market

    Over the past decades, owning a real estate property has become a more common type of investment.

    Although many investors are still not confident about investing in the housing market since it crashed in 2007, there are strong signs that a recovery is underway. If you’re looking to jump into real estate investment, there are many ways to gain financial returns from your property.

    apartment buildingThe most common way to invest in real estate is to have a rental property. You can invest in a property and then rent it out, using the rent to pay for the mortgage and other expenses associated with property management. By the time the mortgage has been completely paid, you’ll have an asset that has appreciated in value but your total investment would probably be just the amount you put in for the down payment. If you continue to rent out the property, you then … Read the rest

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  • Want to Finance a Race Team?

    Financing a professional racing team is no small feat, but one that can potentially provide a lot of reward.  Even if it isn’t monetary, the pleasure of owning and operating a team can be almost like having a child—after all, it does have various needs and wants, with the potential to grow up and reward you greatly.  Plus, what better way to get deeper into the sport than to actively participate in it?

    The first thing to think about when putting together a racing team is the league you want to participate in.  Entry fees alone price many competitors out of Formula 1, but there are a lot of other, smaller events that even everyday people can participate in.  Take 24 Hours of LeMons, for example.  It’s a 24 hour endurance race in which teams are not allowed to spend more than $500 on their car, including modifications (except for … Read the rest

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  • Choosing an Affordable Car

    Besides your home, your car will be one of the largest expenses that you undertake in your life. It is important to remember that buying a car is not something as simple as looking at the price on the tag and thinking that you are going to pay that much. A car is an ongoing investment that will require many expenses over the course of your ownership of the vehicle. Fortunately, it is possible to purchase an affordable car if you know what to expect.

    Shopping for a car on a budget starts with figuring out your budget and making the commitment to yourself to stick to this budget regardless of the pressure that you will inevitably get from the salesman. Remember that there is more to the purchase than just the base cost of the vehicle. Consider these expenses when considering the cost of your new vehicle:

    Sticker Price: Read the rest

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  • The Top Tech Stocks of 2012

    The past year was a good one for the economy as it slowly bounced back from the recession, and began to grow again under the strength of a growing and burgeoning stock market. That stock market, in fact, has produced some up and down tech stocks this year, many of which are on the horizon to either blow up in 2013, or do extremely well and continue to rise.

    Let’s review three major tech stocks and their impacts in 2012, as well as what you might be able to look for in 2013 if you are considering investing in tech stocks in any way.


    Apple, it seems, can do no wrong. The guys at Apple lost a visionary in Steve Jobs, and then didn’t skip a beat when the introduced the next generation of the iPhone, as well as the mini iPad, both products which people immediately fawned all … Read the rest

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  • Health Food Sales Morph into Big Business

    Health food stores have moved into the mainstream. The business of health food today is as much about profit as providing healthy food.


    In the “hippy” au natural health food stores of the 1970’s, the attributes of ‘wholesome’ and ‘natural’ were seen as part of an alternative life style. Counter cultural values and rebellion against the establishment were at the heart of this era. Health food stores began in the ‘70s, frequented by hippies wearing socks and sandals, searching for mung beans and tofu.

    …and Now

    Some people thought these stores were faddish. But they weren’t; they simply morphed into big business.  Today health food stores have moved into the mainstream. They are as much about profit as proffering healthy foods and products. Commercialization is seen in production, processing and distribution of organic and natural products.

    Supermarkets Overtake Health Food Marketshare

    Many of the nation’s large supermarkets are racing … Read the rest

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  • Economic Damages

    The term ‘economic damages’ as it relates to civil cases refers to the loss of wages and/or benefits pursuant to personal injury, wrongful death or discrimination, to name a few.  In business issues, economic damages can take the form of lost profits, increased costs, mitigation, lost opportunity, etc.  This post discusses the impact of both professional and personal economic damages.

    Economic Damages Can Hurt a Business

    The impact of economic damages to a business can be devastating.  As an example, take a look at Hurricane Katrina.  When Katrina hit Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi in 2005, literally thousands of homes and businesses were annihilated.  The devastation was immense.  Homes were lost.  Businesses were lost.  Paychecks could no longer be earned.  Debts could no longer be paid.  Economic damages in the form of business interruption spread like wildfire.  Get the picture?

    Now that you have a broad view of economic damage and … Read the rest

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