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  • IO Degrees at Work

    As more companies recognize the value of their employees, they are investing in managers and human resources experts who understand organizational behavior and psychology. Professionals with degrees or certifications in industrial and organizational psychology (IO psychology) are uniquely qualified to help companies capitalize on the human capital they have and attract new and better employees in the future.

    People aren’t commodities and some corporations have been treating them as such for far too long. By employing IO professionals, companies are affirming their commitment to understanding human behavior and doing what they can to improve the workplace. IO provides insight into how the relationships between employees and managers as well as how individuals function in teams. It addresses topics of leadership, ethics, conflict resolution, diversity, motivation, and decision making. It is especially useful in helping organizations plan for and handle major changes that would otherwise be disruptive to workers.

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  • Efile Your Tax Return

    The federal government wants you to eFile. In fact, they have wanted you to efile for several years now. The electronic filing of tax returns is not a new thing, but each year more and more people are converted to the advantages of this technology. Electronic filing is easier for the IRS to process and store. Returns can be accepted within 48 hours and refunds can arrive in your bank account in as little as a week.

    In order to efile tax return , you have several different options available to you. If you depend on an accountant or tax professional to prepare and file your taxes for you each year, you need only instruct them to use efiling options rather than mailing in your return. This may add an additional cost to their fee. Remember: efile means faster filing and acceptance of returns, so the fee is probably worth … Read the rest

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  • Intervening when a Friend is Addicted to Drugs

    Watching someone you love struggle with an addiction can be a painful experience. You want to help them, you may even want to fix them, but you know that you can’t. Even if you’ve never experienced addiction first hand, you’ve no doubt realized that the addiction will only be overcome if the addict is willing to admit that they have a problem and is ready to do the work necessary to address their problem.

    There is one thing that friends and family members can do in order to facilitate the recovery of their loved one. They can work together to stage a drug intervention . This should be done with the help of an experienced drug intervention professional or counselor. They can help with the organization of the event and can prepare all participants for what to expect both from their own participation and from the addict. Intervention specialists should … Read the rest

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