• Counselling Careers

    Counsellors are just like their patients: they come in all shapes and sizes. And like most helping professions, if you decide to be a counsellor, you can branch off into a speciality area, helping patients with specific problems. If you are thinking of a career in counselling, here are some worthy specialities to look into.

    Eating disorders

    With Hollywood and the fashion industry still primarily pushing a size 0 as the ultimate weight goal and the idea that the skinnier you are, the more attractive you are, it’s no wonder that eating disorders are becoming an epidemic. And it’s not just girls who are getting caught in its grip. Boys and men are also vulnerable to the disease. By specializing in counselling those who are struggling with an eating disorder you will be helping them to get back the true sense of who they are as a person and help … Read the rest

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  • Intervening when a Friend is Addicted to Drugs

    Watching someone you love struggle with an addiction can be a painful experience. You want to help them, you may even want to fix them, but you know that you can’t. Even if you’ve never experienced addiction first hand, you’ve no doubt realized that the addiction will only be overcome if the addict is willing to admit that they have a problem and is ready to do the work necessary to address their problem.

    There is one thing that friends and family members can do in order to facilitate the recovery of their loved one. They can work together to stage a drug intervention . This should be done with the help of an experienced drug intervention professional or counselor. They can help with the organization of the event and can prepare all participants for what to expect both from their own participation and from the addict. Intervention specialists should … Read the rest

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