• Choosing an Affordable Car

    Besides your home, your car will be one of the largest expenses that you undertake in your life. It is important to remember that buying a car is not something as simple as looking at the price on the tag and thinking that you are going to pay that much. A car is an ongoing investment that will require many expenses over the course of your ownership of the vehicle. Fortunately, it is possible to purchase an affordable car if you know what to expect.

    Shopping for a car on a budget starts with figuring out your budget and making the commitment to yourself to stick to this budget regardless of the pressure that you will inevitably get from the salesman. Remember that there is more to the purchase than just the base cost of the vehicle. Consider these expenses when considering the cost of your new vehicle:

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  • Traveling by Vespa or Cafe Racer?

    Folks who admire the style, as much as the lifestyle, of life on two wheels, are in a unique category.  It’s not that the club is exclusive, or even particularly choosy.   Anyone with enthusiasm can be a member, and the only membership requirement is the desire to share and collect information about the ride.


    It’s not at all like it was a few years ago, or maybe it’s a generation or two ago by now.  The days when the mods and the rockers would face off in Brighton cast a spell over the whole vintage motorbike scene, but it’s not one that affects the day to day relationships between its members.  This doesn’t mean that there aren’t bikers out there who scoff at the tastes of the vintage enthusiast, but generally speaking, the veterans of the road tend to love old bikes, no matter what they might ride themselves.… Read the rest

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  • Steampunk: An Automotive Repair Manual Love Story

    There is a nephew of mine who loves manuals. His name is Hoyt. He is only thirteen but he is obsessed with them. He has a special kind of autism the name of which I can never remember because it is him I remember and not the way his brain had been wired. Besides, our ancestry, past and present, is spread out here and there throughout the world. There are small clots of us in locations that are always close military bases, but those bases dot the globe the way pushpins might decorate a map.

    But this kind of autism, though it makes him kind of awkward in social situations not really because I always get what he is trying to say though the words might come out in jigsaw puzzle piece makes him a kind of expert in his interests. But he has a thing about manuals. The mechanical … Read the rest

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  • How to Keep New Tires in Tip-Top Shape

    So you finally made the decision to purchase a new set of tires.  What you may or may not know, is that there are many things that you can do that will make certain your tires will last for a long time, and will remain safe.  Tires are of course one of the aspects of your vehicle that keep you moving forward, but worn tires, or wheels that are out of balance may cause problems when you must do the opposite of moving forward, which is braking.

    And while there are many great deals, great discount retail shops, and online companies for which to buy new tires at good prices, tires are still an expense.  And with just a bit of care and diligence each month, you can find the advantage of taking part in extending the life of those tires.  There are a few factors that will affect the … Read the rest

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